Monday, 22 October 2012

NYC: Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Opened in 2006Momofuku Ssäm Bar is one of the six David Chang’s creations in NYC. As a walk-in restaurant (except for the rotisserie duck & bo ssäm meal reservation), you have to be there early enough in order to score a seat. We arrived there just before 6pm on Saturday and were offered a seat at the bar straightaway; the moment we sat down, people started to queue up.
於2006年開業的 Momofuku Ssäm Bar為David Chang 在紐約主理的六間餐廳之一。因為不設訂座 (除了特別的烤鴨或豬肩肉餐外),所比必須預早到達來避䦕人潮。我們在星期六黃昏六時前到達,立即便有吧枱的座位; 不消一刻,人們便開始排隊。

Royal Miyagi Oysters - Kombu mignonette 
US$16 (1/2 dozen)
Royal Miyagi(品種)生蠔 - 昆布醋汁 美元$16 (半打)

Santa Barbara Uni - heirloom tomato,
cantaloupe, shiso US$18

Santa Barbara產海膽 -傳家寶番茄,哈蜜瓜,紫蘇 美元$18

Honeycrisp Apple Kimchi - 
maple labne,jowl bacon, arugula 
蘋果泡菜 - 楓蜜乳酪,煙肉,芝麻菜 美元$13

Steamed Buns - Pork Belly, 
hoisin, cucumbers, scallions US$10
夾包 - 豬腩肉, 海鮮醬,青瓜,䓤 美元$10

Blackened Bluefish Sandwich -
kale, miso US$13

香料烤藍魚 - 海帶, 味噌 美元$13

Drinks were served quickly and food came at a reasonable pace. The dimly-lighted interior and strong music (apparently the playlist was specially choosen for the Ssäm Bar by David Chang and he has made sure that there’s enough songs so the same song wouldn’t be heard twice in a meal!) gave a sense of mystery which matched quite well with the innovative food. Ssäm Bar is not so much a place for chatting yet a very good place to go with a small group of friends for a gourmet adventure! 
飲料在落單後很快便到達,食物則以合理的速度一碟接一碟上枱。室內微弱的光線昏暗和強勁的音樂(據說那播放清單的歌是David Chang專門為 Ssäm Bar而選的,而他亦特意選了足夠的歌曲來確保食客不會在一頓飯中聽到相同的歌!)營造了一種神秘感,跟那些充滿創意的料理相當配合。跟三五知己走進Ssäm Bar就像一起展開一次美食的歷奇,不要想著能好好聊天!

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