Friday, 3 August 2012

Canberra: Dieci e Mezzo

After the 3-hour drive to Canberra from Sydney, we went Dieci e Mezzo for dinner. The restaurant was unexpectedly situated in the foyer of a commercial building in the city centre, which I thought was pretty unusual for an Italian Restaurant. However the meal was enjoyable with good food and caring staff, so I will definitely re-visit for the next Canberra trip.
經過3個多小時的車程,我們從悉尼到達坎培拉,首先到Diecie Mezzo晚飯去。這意大利餐廳出乎意料地坐落在市中心的一幢商業大廈的大堂內;但無損食物和服務的質素。下一次再到坎培拉的話我也會重臨這餐廳。

Braised octopus, borlotti beans, 
green olives, focaccia    AUD$12
紅燒八爪魚,borlotti豆,青橄欖,佛卡夏麵包   澳元$12

Seared scallops, cacciatore sausage, Bredbo 
black garlic, blood orange, fennel   AUD$23
Bredbo產黑蒜,血橙,茴香   澳元$23

Pickled W.A. sardines, cauliflower, 
capers, mojama, crisp pastry   AUD $22
醃漬西澳產沙丁魚,椰菜花,酸豆 ,西班牙醃吞拿魚,薄脆片   澳元$22

Sautéed Moss Vale mushrooms, slow cooked 
organic egg, buckwheat polenta, pecorino   AUD$20
Moss Vale產蘑菇,慢熟有機雞蛋,
蕎麥玉米粥,pecorino 芝士   澳元$20
Spaghettini, prawns, peperonata, 
capers, white anchovies, basil AUD$33
幼意大利麵,蝦,雜甜椒粒,酸豆,白鳀魚,羅勒   澳元$33

Braised New England veal cheeks, 
Jerusalem artichoke, endive and orange AUD$34
紅燒New England產牛臉頰,耶路撒冷洋薊,菊苣,橙    澳元$34

Hazelnut and chocolate crostata, 
malted ice-cream, candied mandarin AUD$15
榛子巧克力塔派,麥芽冰淇淋,蜜餞柑   澳元$15

Warm lemon and ricotta torta, yoghurt sorbet, 
Marsala, golden raisins, honeycomb AUD$14
意大利馬沙拉甜酒,黃金葡萄乾,蜂蜜脆脆   澳元$14

Overall I think there was a good balance between of taste and presentation of these dishes, with enough flavouring yet retaining the fresh and natural taste of the ingredients. The dishes were more on the authentic side with some creative input which made them very well received. The atmosphere was fairly relaxing and quiet (at least at dinner time) and made it a good venue for friends’ night out in a small group. Price was reasonable for the quality of the dishes and service.

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